Digitization and Streaming

Cord Cutting. From Cable to Streaming. • Courtesy of Imagebay

By Jerry Nunez 

Digitization is the process of taking tangible objects or material and converting them to an digital copy. Everyday activities and goods are becoming digitized. For instance, online shopping, social interactions, and entertainment (Music & Television) have become digitized to some degree. We are in an age of advancement where technology is become an integral part of everyday life and digitization is becoming a norm.

Cord Cutters

Cord Cutters are people who opt for subscription TV or other forms of television rather than have Cable or Satellite television. This is a trend common among young adults. Streaming services have been able to digitize television and offer streaming as an alternative to the cable standard. Cord cutters are a good example of digitization become more prevalent as technology follows. 

Streaming Services

Streaming services are popular for their easy to use applications. Streaming services are leaders in television and music consumption. Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix, and Hulu are just a few popular streaming services that are widely used. Online accounts- these services often work on a subscription platform and requires some personal information.


Privacy threats are an issue as these services use personal data for their use. We grow to trust these services with our personal information and assume its safe. Services are using online servers that can be hacked. Services use your information to generate ads that relate to you.