With the advancement of technology in the last decade, our culture has become more visual than ever before. Every day we are exposed to imagery meant to inspire, empower, and influence how we think, communicate, and behave. Funny memes enable us to create and share ideas that allow us to gain a sense of community and commonality over near-universal experiences. YouTube gives us a platform to express thoughts and feelings, while Instagram gives us the chance to reflect on the societal expectations individuals must conform to in order to be accepted. Individuals need to analyze digital culture to not only understand their online behaviors, but to also ensure that our relationships with technology, ourselves and each other can flourish.

Student Research

Meme Theory by Bronwyn Kelley
Social Media and Mental Health by Cara Johnson
Societal Impacts of Memes by Keyshla Guillon
YouTube: Culture, Celebrities, and Advertising by Miranda Lieberman