Surveillance Immersion and Reflection

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Digital Immersion Papers

It is certainly interesting to study the impacts that digital culture has on each and every one of us, but there is something about experiencing it that gives you a different outlook on this emerging culture. As individuals, we each spent multiple hours immersed in different aspects of digital culture, whether that be social media, gaming, watching videos or something else. Paying close attention to our experience, how we acted, what was going on around us and how we felt while immersed digitally, we carefully analyzed our experiences.

We are including these works on our page because we feel that they will help give you yet another perspective on how aspects of surveillance and streaming (and other aspects of digital culture found on other parts of this website) impact you. The purpose of these papers is to give you a better understanding of the experience and social implications of many aspects of digital culture (surveillance and streaming in particular) in our society. Our hope is that you are able to relate to some of our experiences and that you will immerse yourself with the same awareness.

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Ultimately, first-hand experience will be one of the best ways for you to comprehend all the information we are providing you. We hope that while reading about these different aspects of digital culture we immersed ourselves in, you will think about how they may relate to surveillance and streaming. We challenge you to try and draw connections between these concepts to see if you are absorbing all this information and to try this immersion exercise yourself!

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Reflections on Findings

Having spent a lot of time studying and learning about the topics of surveillance and streaming, all three of us who worked in this group found it beneficial to write down and reflect on our thoughts and findings. Here, we have provided you with each of our reflections on the big topics of surveillance and streaming. We theorize about the current and future impact of these topics and what this means for individual users like us. In addition to the sources listed on our resources page, each of these reflections is a good way for you to get a holistic view of these topics in terms of general information on them and how they have played a large part in our digital culture.

Our reflections also include how our group of three framed our research regarding surveillance and streaming (you will be able to see a natural progression and connection between all of our individual studies). Hopefully, seeing this connection of topics that we studied will give you an idea of where to start if you are interested in learning more. There is so much information out there, and we hope providing these reflections will make these very important and interesting topics easier to digest.