Impacts of Modern Gaming

By Will Gibson

How Streaming Has Changed The Way We Game… with Twitch Streaming

Fortnite and Gaming as a Whole

After completing our digital presentation assignment, I was left with a newfound passion on Visuality, Gaming, and Mobile Culture, and felt like an expert on the these topics. My main area of research was the Gaming aspect of our slideshow, and I had a lot of fun educating the class on the history and present day culture that video games provide. The game Fortnite, by Epic Games, was the feature video game in my section. Specifically, we learned how streaming of the game on apps like Twitch or Facebook is changing the way we way and play video games. The ability the broadcast live gameplay is a revolutionary aspect to the game, because it allows the player of the game to sell live ads through subscriptions, collect donations, and make real time commentary about the game he / she is participating in. Additionally, players like Ninja are seen as major reviewers of the game, and Epic Games listens to what he says about new updates and other aspects of the game. Since he is one of the best players out there, his opinion is taken very seriously.

In the future, I see game streaming only increasing and becoming more prevalent in every way imaginable. More good streamers will emerge, increasing the supply of available streams on platforms such as Twitch. Because of this, I see the craze and pandamonium of streamers raking in millions of dollars a month thereby decreasing.