Twitch: Why It’s Dangerous

By Timmy Schmelzinger

Twitch has taken over the internet has been an online sensation for about a year now. Twitch is an online streaming platform, where gamers can stream themselves playing there respected video game. Twitch took off when the worlds most popular video game Fortnite came out and famous gamers like Ninja started to use the platform. The website allows people to subscribe to there favorite gamers and participate in an online chat room with all other twitch users. Twitch’s main users are adolescents which raises the problem of how safe it really is for them to be on it without parental supervision. As of right now Twitch does not have much security and is not patrolled by anything or anyone so anyone can say anything on it.

Even though Twitch has brought a lot of good to the gaming world, it has also raised concern to many parents. Twitch has started a whole new way to cyberbully people on the internet. The chat feature is completely useless on bigger streams, as everyone is typing at the same time to interact with their favorite streamers. Because the chat gets so out of hand on bigger channels, or the broadcaster’s living content space. It pretty much becomes a yelling contest filled with cyberbullying, hate speech and more.With live streaming, parents should be cautious as the content isn’t edited and anything could happen. Unfiltered language, inappropriate imagery and more could be shown as there is no delay between what is happening live.